SolusVM vs. Proxmox? – Canadian Web Hosting Blog

SolusVM vs. Proxmox? – Canadian Web Hosting Blog

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When clients sign up for our private cloud services, they struggle with choosing between our SolusVM Private Cloud Servers and Proxmox Private Cloud Servers. What are the differences? Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences:

SolusVM is a powerful graphical user-interface (GUI) based VPS management software. It allows you to manage OpenVZ, Xen and Linux KVM virtual machines from a single location. SolusVM gives you the ability to manage the hardware node, monitor the server log, control server security, restore backups, and so on. There are two available licenses for the software. The Enterprise License allows you to run a master to host OpenVZ servers and there is also a free 30-day trial for this license.  The Enterprise Slave Only License allows you to run a master without any virtualization and is ideal for dedicated or separate VPS.

SolusVM is more commonly used for commercial purposes and is more client/selling oriented. And because of its graphical user-interface, it is the more popular option. It has simpler functions and is more user-friendly. You have the ability to customize the frontend styles and OS templates. The main feature of SolusVM that distinguishes it from Proxmox is the availability of support services. SolusVM provides support services with end solutions and managed support solutions. You can also expect this server support to be available 24/7.

Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox) is another server virtualization management software. It manages KVM (kernel-based virtual machines), Linux containers (LXC), storage, virtualized networks, and high availability (HA) clusters. Proxmox is more cutting-edge/research oriented and focuses more on functionality than aesthetics of its GUI. The largest distinguishing factor of Proxmox is that it is a complete open-source virtualization software, licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL), that supports KVM and LXC. There are drawbacks to this, such that if a user requires support, they would have to post and search on forums as opposed to contacting a managed support team and receiving immediate attention. There is a very active Proxmox community and the existing documentation found in these communities are more extensive than SolusVM. However, if a user wants access to professional support services, they would have to pay for a subscription plan.

In a nutshell, there is considerable overlap between both SolusVM and Proxmox and so there is an even split between those who prefer SolusVM and those who prefer Proxmox. At the end of the day, both virtualization management softwares are great and they both work well, it just depends on user requirements. SolusVM is commonly used for commercial purposes, is client-oriented, has a simpler and aesthetically pleasing interface, costs more, and offers managed server support. On the other hand, Proxmox utilizes Linux containers, is free to use, and is ideal for production or development environments.

Canadian Web Hosting offers both SolusVM and Proxmox private cloud servers to clients that can be designed around user requirements. If neither of these are appealing, we also offer VMware and Hyper-V private cloud servers at very competitive prices. Head over to our sister company’s website, Canadian Cloud Hosting to see the full listing of offerings and details for each product.

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