VS Code on a Remote Server

Hacker News / 2019-03-15 06:41

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code-server is VS Code running on a remote server, accessible through the browser.

Try it out:

docker run -t -p -v "${PWD}:/root/project" codercom/code-server --allow-http --no-auth
  • Code on your Chromebook, tablet, and laptop with a consistent dev environment.
    • If you have a Windows or Mac workstation, more easily develop for Linux.
  • Take advantage of large cloud servers to speed up tests, compilations, downloads, and more.
  • Preserve battery life when you’re on the go.
    • All intensive computation runs on your server.
    • You’re no longer running excess instances of Chrome.


Getting Started


Try code-server now for free at coder.com.


See docker oneliner mentioned above. Dockerfile is at /Dockerfile.


  1. Download a binary (Linux and OSX supported. Windows coming soon)

  2. Start the binary with the project directory as the first argument

    code-server <initial directory to open>  

    You will be prompted to enter the password shown in the CLI code-server should now be running at https://localhost:8443.

    code-server uses a self-signed SSL certificate that may prompt your browser to ask you some additional questions before you proceed. Please read here for more information.

For detailed instructions and troubleshooting, see the self-hosted quick start guide.

Quickstart guides for Google Cloud, AWS, and Digital Ocean.

How to secure your setup.


Known Issues

  • Creating custom VS Code extensions and debugging them doesn’t work.


  • Windows support.
  • Electron and ChromeOS applications to bridge the gap between local<->remote.
  • Run VS Code unit tests against our builds to ensure features work as expected.


Development guides are coming soon.




Visit our enterprise page for more information about our enterprise offering.


If you would like to commercialize code-server, please contact contact@coder.com.

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