Buffalo’s instructions to install from built in NAND

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Initial Setup of LinkStation 421DE or 441DE Diskless Enclosure

NOTE: Do not use drives containing important or irreplaceable data for initial setup. The initial setup procedure creates new partitions and installs the NAS OS on the drives and will overwrite any data on the drives.  For best results use two blank new drives (four drives on LS441DE).

  1. Remove the empty drive caddies from the enclosure and use the provided screws to mount the drives into the drive caddies

  2. Insert the drives into the enclosure

  3. Plug in the power connector and turn on the NAS using the power switch on the rear of the LS421DE or pressing the power button on the front of the LS441DE

  4. Once the unit is powered on, wait until the power and function LEDs are solid. The Power LED should be solid white and the function LED should be solid red

  5. Once both LEDs are solid, press the Function button once. DO NOT HOLD THE BUTTON! The Function button is located directly below the Function LED (it’s the bottom button on the LS441DE). After a few seconds the Power LED should go off and the Function LED should begin blinking red.

  6. At this point just leave the NAS alone. The initialization process should take about ten minutes. When it is complete the Power LED should be solid white.

  7. Download and install the latest version of NAS Navigator, available from the “Downloads” page on the Buffalo Website.

  8. Once the setup is complete we recommend downloading and applying the latest firmware update for optimal performance.